New construction services in Moscow, ID

In addition to our home improvement and remodeling services, Balustrade Construction Management can complete any type of new construction project in Moscow, ID. We have 20 years of experience handling everything from custom home builds to general home additions.

Depending on where you are in the construction process, Balustrade can be as involved in the project however you’d like. We can be your all-in one construction service, as you can rely on us everything from the design process to the completion of the project.

Every one of construction projects is professionally designed by an architectural and structural engineer. At our initial consultation, we can discuss:

• Any preferences you have for the final design
• Permits and other relevant zoning/area logistics
• Budget concerns and timetable projections

When we break ground on your residential project, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you have a reliable team working hard to provide you with outstanding results.

Balustrade Construction Management understands that having a home that is personalized to fit you and your family’s needs is important. Ours is a family owned business, so we know the importance of working with a friendly company for something as important as a new construction project.

The whole process – from the initial design to the framing work and the final touches – will go smoothly and efficiently when you rely on Balustrade Construction Management LLC. Contact us at (288) 892-4484 today for new construction in Moscow, ID – or to inquire about any of our other construction and management services.