Our Approach

We provide our prospective clients a free range of cost estimate for them to better understand what to expect. However, we generally do not offer a free construction cost estimate because in order to provide an accurate one it requires anywhere from 10 to 100 hours of work depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Furthermore, our experience as well as the experience of other top builders shows that there is no such thing as comparing apples to apples so to speak without very detailed plans and specifications upon which to provide construction cost estimates. Moreover, every builder operates differently and their approach varies widely.

At BCM Builders, we encourage you to first pre-qualify the candidates and then choose a builder to help you develop your plans, specifications, and a realistic budget. Then, if you decide to seek competitive bids, chances are you will receive reliable estimates.

Here are some of the ways the BCM Builders client-first approach is different from how most other builders operate.

Pre-design: It is extremely important that your project is designed, planned, and budgeted accurately in order to minimize stress and the chance of costly change orders. During this phase, our pre-design services allow you to draw upon our extensive experience and skills to ensure your project is completed as you envision it and not the builder.

Design: We help you direct the other members of your professional team during the process of finalizing your plans. This may include those who provide design, engineering, surveying, and other professional or technical services. If need be, we help you select the team of professionals for a good to great fit.

Professional Services Agreement (PSA): Our written agreement is simple and straightforward and the fee that we charge is credited to your construction account should you choose to hire us as the builder for your project.

Build: If you choose to hire us as your builder, we proceed with the pre-construction and construction work necessary to ensure that your project is built on time, on spec, and within your budget. Because we spend so much time with our clients during the pre-design and design phases, we are intimately familiar with your vision, preferences, and choices all of which were clarified upfront instead of during the construction phase.

Warranty: Our warranty is one of the best in the business. It is a limited three-year warranty subject to its terms and conditions. Please read it carefully before signing a PSA or construction agreement with us.