Q: Why should I pay you to develop specifications when everybody else does it for free!

A: When you work with us we'll use our "speed estimator" tool to get you a quick idea of the range of costs for your project. We then develop a guaranteed price after we thoroughly understand your vision, needs, and preferences which are outlined on the detailed plans and specifications that results from our work with you.

Q: Can I get a cost estimate before we do anything else?

A: We give a fixed price after we fully understand your needs and preferences. At minimum, we spend at least 10 hours to do the preliminary work that is necessary to help ensure a positive outcome. Our client first approach helps you get what you want under a budget you help establish given your needs and preferences. We will work with you to develop detailed plans and specifications upon which a reasonable budget can be established.

Q: My budget is tight so I don't want to spend more to do this PSA thing.

A: We understand. After all, nobody wants to waste time or money, and that includes us! Our PSA process is designed to give you more information before you make your decision regarding the entire scope of your project and who you want to build it. Our PSA fees are credited to your construction account should you choose to have us build your project. We can go over these and any other questions when we meet to discuss the possibilities of working together on your project.