The typical contractor-centered process is highly flawed. Usually the home or business owner finds the process too confusing, highly stressful, and very risky. Worse yet, projects often end up being inconsistent with the client's vision, go over budget, and are not done on time. Once the project is underway, it's extremely difficult and often very expensive to change contractors. Expensive change orders and disputes are common because many key questions are not asked before construction begins.

At BCM Builders, we call our process the client-first approach. As our client, you drive the pre-construction process and you get to decide which builder is the best fit for you before construction begins. We hope it will be us but you are not obligated to use us. You are assured that the project design, cost, and schedule match your vision, needs, and preferences. There need be no surprises after it is too late to do anything about it. In other words, we don't ask you to take a leap of faith on one of the most expensive projects you will undertake.

How is this possible?

At BCM Builders, we reverse the typical process by moving some key steps up front - before you sign the construction agreement. This allows you to get to know us as a builder while allowing us to better understand your needs and wants while developing your plans and specifications.

If you become a client, you benefit from:

In depth conversations with us concerning your vision, needs, and preferences.
Tapping into our extensive experience and guidance during the design phase to help keep the entire design team focused on what you need and want.
A detailed proposal showing the design, scope of work, project schedule, and guaranteed price.
An opportunity to lock in a priority position in our work schedule.

We do charge a fee for our pre-construction services, but you would pay for this cost with another builder using the old approach as these costs are either built into their overhead cost or are sometimes recovered through costly change orders or by using cheaper materials and services than you would prefer otherwise.

Note that through our client-first approach, you are under no obligation to use us as the builder although we certainly hope you will. If you do decide in our favor then we then enter into a construction agreement with you and the fees you paid us for our preliminary work are credited to your construction account.

Our client-first approach gives you the information you need to make important decisions before signing a construction agreement. It helps you get the best value, avoid unpleasant surprises, reduce stress, minimize unplanned expenses, and ensure your dream is realized on time, on spec, and within your budget.